Self Portraits

I am so happy with these. 

I've been playing with the afternoon light that floods into my "studio". What an exciting change this has been. I work in a relatively small room, and to find any sort of new variation from my normal posing/lighting habits is the name of the game. 

ALSO! I've been training for a race later this month in France. I think the creativity flows more freely when I'm all hopped up on post workout endorphins.


The other new things I did during this shoot were:
 - play Rap (very atypical for me)
 - straighten the upper half of my hair with particular emphasis on the face framing layers. 
 - shooting during time traditionally reserved for naps (2 - 4 pm)

Below is a separate, more dramatic, attempt at mastering this same intense light.

This is the only light I want to explore.


I shot more last week than the entire month before it. 

On that note, I am SO excited that I got around to reshooting Sena. I knew if I took her to this particular spot we could shoot what is almost a studio set up with mostly white walls and INFINITE natural light. 

On top of all of that, we snuck onto the roof for the bikini photos. Totally worth it. Would reccommend.