Yesterday, Bry, Nova (her angel of a dog), and I took a day trip up to Sedona. We started at 6 am, and since sunrise doesn't occur until a couple hours after that, we had the opportunity to take sunrise photos up north. There's no time more beautiful (and in December, more chilly) than this time of day.


Guys, I'm on fire. It's currently 8:40pm on Sunday evening. Just before 3 o'clock this afternoon my favorite stylist Kristianne and makeup artist Vanessa rolled in with model du jour Jamie. We got to our location around 4:30 and shot until sunset. Upon return to my home, I started editing, and I've just completed the set. What a whirlwind.

So, here we are, three podcasts and Chipotle later, blogging today's shoot. Turn around time = fire.